Some useful info for pilots.

Consult AIP Belgium or Jeppesen or similar, or this ones: circuit07 - circuit25 - taxi+parking

Opening hours:

  • Friday 14.00 LT – SS + 30 min.
  • Saturday, Sunday, Holiday: 10.00 LT till SS + 30 min.


  • Airfield is PPR, call Vliegclub Ursel (VCU) +32 9 374 12 90 or Aeroclub Brugge (ACB) +32 9 374 25 75 or Ursel Radio 135.130 MHz
  • No take-offs after 20.00 LT
  • For noise abatement only 20 take offs per hour, touch & go priority for local pupils.

Landing fee:

  • A membership fee of € 10,- per day will have to be paid by pilots not being member of VCU or ACB.
  • Visitors wishing to perform touch & go will pay € 20,- per day.
  • Caution for turbulence and wind shear, especially with crosswind (due to presence of trees).
  • Due to turbulence solo training flights are only allowed after a reconnaissance flight with instructor pilot and within the following six weeks.
  • RWY: 07/25 concrete. Elevation 95 ft, AUW 22.
  • Usable (TORA and LDA) for civil traffic: 799 x 45 m, between the two intersections.
  • TWY: Taxi via the intersections and the parallel TWY, following yellow lines.
  • Note for civil use: only 799m is considered as RWY, the rest of 07/25 is considered as TWY.
  • Circuit: Avoid villages of Ursel, Knesselare and Oostwinkel.
  • First overfly signal square at 1700 ft AGL or above. Left hand circuit, downwind at 1200 ft AGL.
  • Fuel: UL91 (unleaded and perfectly mixable with100LL), MOGAS
  • AFIS: “Ursel Radio” on 135.130 MHz